Always Been Close – Violet Starr – FULL VIDEO



Today is prom night, the most magical night for many teenagers. Jenny (Violet Starr) is thrilled as she waits with her boyfriend Brandon while the photographer prepares to take some memorable shots before they hit the road. But it is obvious that there is trouble between the young couple in paradise. It’s even more obvious when Jenny’s half-brother, Ryan (Jay Romero), soon joins them for photos, and Jenny instantly catches fire.

The photographer gets to work and it’s easy to see how sweet Jenny and Ryan are together. They are so natural and close that the photographer accidentally mistakes them for a couple! Jenny and Ryan laugh off awkwardly, but deep down, the photographer’s words have mixed something …

When the trio return later from their prom, the atmosphere will be tense. Since it’s prom night, Brandon befriended Jenny a bit, obviously wanting more than she was willing to offer. Ryan suddenly begins to care deeply for his half-sister, and before he realizes it, he strikes a hard blow that nearly faints Brandon.

Though shocked, Jenny doesn’t hesitate to follow Ryan as he takes her hand and angrily leads her into their house. When they successfully confront each other internally, it quickly becomes clear that their feelings for each other go beyond family feelings. Even so, they cannot act accordingly … can they?

Model: Violet Starr

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