April 2021 Fantasy Of The Month – FULL VIDEO



Vina Sky is living out her hottest fantasy this April by dressing in hot sheer lingerie, complete with bunny ears. This naughty little bun shows how lingerie clings to every curve. Clipping into fluffy handcuffs, the sexy young college student runs her hands up her ass to stroke her lush assets while her lover, AJ, watches and waits.

Getting up and strutting across the room, Vina puts those handcuffs on AJ. Then she drops to her knees and opens wide to stick her tongue out to taste the tip. Liking what she tastes, Vina launches into a deep throat delight. She licks and sucks, goes to work with her hot little mouth as AJ just hangs on for the ride.

Freeing AJ from his straps, Vina climbs on top of him as he stands firmly. His erection fills her so well that she impales herself in the most intimate way possible. She leans forward, shaking her hips, whetting her appetite for sex as she feasting on AJ’s lips.

Hopping onto the counter with AJ’s large hands guiding her every move, Vina lies down and pulls away wide open. AJ leans Vina back and slides home, going deep as he fills her to the brim. AJ sets a scorching rhythm as Vina’s tight glove welcomes her home over and over again.

Turning to have one foot on the ground while the other is propped up on the counter, Vina leans forward. AJ takes the invitation to fit into his juicy glove. Putting his hands around Vina’s breasts, AJ hands it to her as he rubs her nipples and kneads the tender globes.

Vina finally pushes AJ onto the counter on his back. She fills her mouth again with his fuck stick, then climbs onto the counter to join him. Straddling AJ’s hips, Vina slumps down so she can start a vigorous steep ride. It doesn’t take long before Vina’s pussy vibrates with orgasmic bliss in the most carnal satisfaction possible.

After putting AJ back on his feet, Vina kneels in front of him. She takes back her BJ, sucking with affectionate licks. This time Vina won’t leave her BJ until AJ has delivered a mouthful of warm cum running down her chin as she leans back, finally sated.

Model: Vina Sky

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