Back To School Sex Advice From Step Sister – Coco Lovelock & Percy Sires – FULL VIDEO



School has finally resumed in person and Coco Lovelock and her BFF Percy Sires can’t wait. They take the time to prepare in the cutest outfits they own. After making sure they look perfect, check out Coco’s stepbrother, Damon Dice, to see how he’s doing. You can find Damon in the living room. When the girls start chatting with him, the conversation quickly changes from asking if he’s ready to go back to what kind of girl he likes. The girls get more and more aggressive and when they realize Damon has a hard-on, they quickly rush.

Percy has always had a soft spot for Damon and Coco, so a dream comes true when she licks Damon’s cock on her knees and Coco helps her with it. They share so well that each of them licks around the D. Eventually, Coco lands on her back while Damon and Percy both explore her pussy with their talented fingers. While Percy watches with her hand between her thighs to deceive herself, Damon slides home into his stepsister’s cunt.

Next, it’s Coco’s turn to watch and masturbate as Percy hops on Damon’s cane and takes a hard ride. Coco bends over to lick Percy’s big tits, then leans back on the couch so Percy can eat them while Damon fucks Percy in the pooch. Coco gets another ride on the D while she and Percy switch places. When Coco turns around, she shows Damon her flexibility by folding her ankles behind her head to really open up wide to her stepbrother’s Hardon. Damon rewards Coco by giving her a nice cum creampie, a hardcore treat for his horny stepsister and her best friend.

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