Are You A Tinkler Or A Sprinkler – Jazmin Luv & Claire Roos – FULL VIDEO



Jazmin Luv and her friend Claire Roos are hanging out in the kitchen in bikinis when Jazmin’s half-brother Ricky Spanish joins them. He has a spray bottle, which he squirts on Claire and then on Jazmin. Jazmin tells Ricky to cut it, although Claire likes the spray. Ricky takes the opportunity to ask if the girls are dye or sprinklers when they pee. Some girls have full lips that make them sprinkle when they pee while standing. Jazmin thinks Ricky is just a pervert, but Claire is intrigued. She tries to look down from her own bikini bottom. When she can’t tell, she asks for help. Ricky volunteers as a tribute, but Jazmin pushes him away to keep his creepy stepbro away. Jazmin states that Claire is not plump, but she wants Ricky’s opinion.

Eventually the two girls end up with their thongs on the floor so Ricky can make an equal assessment. He tries to tell them that if he puts a finger in each of their pussies and they try to urinate, their pussy lips will swell. Jazmin doesn’t have any at all, but Claire is fascinated by Ricky’s bullshit. She encourages Ricky to try for both herself and Jazmin. When Claire notices that Ricky has quite a erection. Before Ricky or Jazmin know what’s going on, Claire is on her knees with Ricky’s hardon in her mouth. Jazmin tries to protest, but she has to admit that her stepbrother has a pretty nice cock. She soon gets into the action, delivering a double BJ with Claire.

Then Claire leads Ricky to the couch. She has him naked the moment Jazmin joins her, that’s when Claire lets Jazmin know that she wants to watch Jazmin fuck her stepbrother. Everyone involved promises to say nothing, and Jazmin gives in and climbs aboard for a reverse cowgirl ride. Claire doesn’t want to touch that, but she loves rubbing her tits and pussy at the sight of Jazmin getting her stepbrother’s D. When she gets on all fours to take him from behind, Jazmin also leans forward to love Claire’s hard nipples and plump breasts. Jazmin finds herself on her back with her head cradled in Jazmin’s lap as Ricky hits her to a final climax, then pulls back to cover her in cum. Running her fingers through it, Jazmin also gives Claire a taste of the merchandise.

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