Fun And Games With Step Sis – Lacy Lennon & Liz Jordan – FULL VIDEO



Lacy Lennon and her friend Liz Jordan are enjoying a game of poker when Lacy’s stepbrother Jay Romero comes to harass them. The girls get sarcastic with him, but finally decide to let him play cards with them. They settle in to play poker, but with a hot stepsister and his hot friend, Jay insists that they raise the stakes to play poker naked. It isn’t long before Lacy loses a hand and has to remove her skirt from her, revealing that she is not wearing any panties. Jay receives the same treatment, losing his pants.

Lacy and Jay are quite embarrassed, but Liz really likes him. She begins to fix it so that the stepbrothers look good and then encourages them to do more than just watch. With Liz’s guidance, it isn’t long before Jay finds himself buried deep in Lacy’s greedy pussy. While Lacy is on her knees anyway, she gives in to Liz’s insistence and starts licking her friend’s pussy.

Liz is not willing to let Lacy have fun with Jay’s cock / she gets on her back and pulls Lacy over her face so she can eat her friend while Jay beats her. Then Lacy mirrors Liz’s previous position as Lacy sits on her tongue and Jay fucks her tight twat. Liz stiffens when Jay takes a seat. When he gets off the D, Lacy takes her place for a cowgirl fuck. Sated, the girls finish Jay off by working together to suck him until he rewards them both with a big load that they share with a deep kiss.

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