I Fucked My Step Brother Accidentally On Purpose – Cecelia Taylor – FULL VIDEO



Kyle Mason’s dad just remarried Cecelia Taylor’s mom, and Kyle’s dad warned him to never be alone with his new stepsister because she’s a total nympho. That doesn’t stop Kyle from admiring how sexy his new redhead step is. When he finds Cecelia under the sink in a miniskirt that makes her panties easy to see, he can’t help but stare at her. Cecelia notices him and convinces him to help her unclog the sink. Although Kyle is reluctant to go against his father’s instructions, he eventually agrees to help his sister. In addition, under the sink, he has a view of hell.

When Kyle asks Ceclia to run the sink to see if he removed the stopper, Ceclia sprinkles her pants with water. Kyle is upset, but when he tries to get up he finds he is stuck under the sink. He asks Ceclia to help him, but instead, she insists on taking off his pants to dry them. Then she starts rubbing Kyle’s cock to help calm him down as he worries about what he’s going to tell his dad if he comes home. Of course, that makes Kyle nice and tough. Cecelia might have a boyfriend, but she’s not about to turn down a chance to taste such a nice cock. Hitching up her miniskirt and pulling on her thong, she impales herself on Kyle’s fuck stick to take him for a test drive.

Eventually, Kyle manages to break free from under the sink, but before he can do much more than that, he finds his cock in Cecia’s mouth as she gives him a deep throat BJ. Kyle is only human! When Cecilia leans over the kitchen island and offers herself to him, he takes this pussy. Fucking Cecelia as she leans forward is awesome, but it’s even hotter when Kyle puts Ceclia on the counter so he can squeeze her tits while he pounds that pussy. With Cecelia’s encouragement, Kyle continues until he rams his balls deep and blows his load into a big creampie that leaves Cecelia feeling full.

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