Step Sis Finds A Pot Of Gold And Her Brothers Dick – Haley Reed & Vina Sky – FULL VIDEO



What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than a lingerie party and a candy hunt? Haley Reed knows that her mother cannot be present in this tradition, so she invites her friend Vina Sky to participate. Haley’s stepbrother AJ can’t help but stare at the girls as they get ready. They give AJ a little lip, but Vina is secretly very into it. Her words may be rude, but her body language is all yes.

Later, when the girls are dressed in their festive green lingerie, they go to the living room to get candy. AJ is waiting for them, and Vina doesn’t waste another moment. Bending down supposedly for candy, she wiggles her ass to invite AJ to play. They wait until Haley turns her back on him, and then AJ sticks her in and starts fucking Vina from behind her while Haley continues to search for her, oblivious. They manage to hide what they are doing from Haley until she kneels next to Vina and she begins to eat some of the candy that she has found. AJ takes that opportunity to stick it on her stepsister, and after her initial surprise, Haley decides that she likes him.

Girls are great friends, so it’s no wonder they share AJ so well. They work together to deliver a double BJ while removing their lingerie. Then Vina takes a stiff ride as Haley cups her best friend’s boobs and pinches her nipples. Haley receives the next trip, with Vina behind her giving back everything Haley gave her. Then Vina gets down on her knees so she can eat Haley while AJ fucks her from behind her. The girls swap places once more, with Haley taking AJ’s cock doggy style as she revels in Vina’s snatch as Vina kneels before her. Rolling over and sliding under Haley’s kneeling position, Vina positions herself in the right place for AJ to climb out of her stepis and deliver a hot load on Vina’s waiting face. This is the best lingerie party girls have ever had!

Model: Haley Reed / Vina Sky

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