Step Sis Gets Back At Her Boyfriend – Fiona Frost – FULL VIDEO



Busty Fiona Frost just broke up with her boyfriend. Her half-brother, Jason, hears the fight and goes upstairs to see what’s going on. Fiona isn’t about to break up without retaliating. She asks Jason if she can take a picture of her holding his cock to send it to her ex so that he regrets cheating on her. Jason tries to say no because it’s weird being Fiona’s half-brother, but eventually he accepts. There’s just one problem: When Fiona pulls Jason’s cock out, it’s still soft.
Fiona is so determined to get revenge on her ex that she is willing to do whatever it takes for these outrageous photos. She takes off her shirt and starts sucking Jason off to get him fully aroused. Finally, she has the brilliant idea that taking selfies of Jason’s cock in her mouth will have a much better effect than just pictures of her stroking it. Fiona loves sucking Jason off so much that her lens changes once again to want cum on her face for the photo.
Jason agrees to cum for Fiona, but only if she fucks him. She’s happy to do it, lay back and guide him into her creamy pussy. Jason feels so good that Fiona can’t hold back his moans of pleasure as he bangs her bare pussy. Rolling over onto her stomach, Fiona wiggles her ass to invite Jason back into her fuck hole. He sinks in again, then grabs Fiona’s butt with one hand so he can slide his thumb into her butt. Jason keeps pounding her pussy until he’s about to blow. As he exits, he rolls Fiona over so that she can open up wide for a facial. Smiling, Fiona takes some pictures to send to her ex.

Model: Fiona Frost

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