Step Sister Wants To Watch – Emma Starletto & Lilly Bell – FULL VIDEO



Codey Steel has been daydreaming about his stepsister Emma Starletto’s best friend for a long time. Finally, when Codey walks into the kitchen to see Emma hanging out with Lilly Bell, he can’t help but daydream about the sexy possibilities. Emma isn’t very nice when she gets Codey out of it, but then he tries to be nice by asking her to help him connect with Lilly. Emma agrees to speak well of Codey, but only if she can watch them fuck if he manages to seal the deal. Codey doesn’t think Emma is serious, but accepts her terms.

A month later, Emma is sure that Lilly and Codey have been falling in love. She decides to cash in on her by sniffing around when they go to the bedroom together. Lilly doesn’t see Emma, ​​but Codey does. He tries to get Emma to leave while Lilly sucks him off. Instead, Emma simply unbuttons her shorts so she can play while she watches her best friend suck her stepbrother from her. When Lilly sits up and then impales herself on Codey’s fucking stick to start riding, Emma sneaks into the room. Lilly is still unaware of Emma’s presence when Emma begins licking Codey’s balls. When Lilly finally realizes what is happening, she is eager to invite Emma to join a trio of stepbrothers.

The girls seal the deal with a kiss, and then Lilly gets off the D so Emma can enjoy Codey’s good cock. Lilly tries again when she gets on her knees for Codey to fuck her doggy style, a position that makes it easy for her to dive for Emma’s sweet juices. Leaning forward, Emma spreads her thighs for Codey to go into town to fuck her. Meanwhile, Lilly climbs into Emma’s mouth to ride the face of her best friend. Lilly jumps in as Codey thrusts deep and fills Emma with a huge creampie, then leans forward to lick the salty treat out of Emma’s pussy and snowball Emma.

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