Step Sisters New Job – Michelle Anderson – FULL VIDEO



Bubbly college student Michelle Anderson is shocked when she receives a letter stating that she owes a ton of money. His half-brother, Tony, comes to see what it is. He has a few suggestions of places Michelle can turn to for the cash she needs to foot the bill, but Michelle doesn’t like any of these ideas. She wants Tony to help her since she knows he has the restaurant, but he refuses and leaves to go to work.

When Tony comes home later, Michelle is in her bed. She tells Tony that she has found a new job: she is going to do porn. Michelle wants Tony to help her with her upcoming first shoot. Tony tries to pretend Michelle is fucking him, but she insists she’s real. She wants to train so badly that she can’t keep her hands away from her stepbrother. Before committing, Tony insists that Michelle show him the goods by showing him her tits and ass. When he gets his hands on that pussy and feels how nice and wet her half a century is, Tony decides to give in and let her do what he wants. He is instantly rewarded with Michelle’s soft lips wrapped around his erection to suck him on.

Once Michelle shows off her amazing cock sucking and ball gobbling abilities, she gets on the bed so he can see how good she really is. She rides Tony’s hardon so well with that booty that shakes with every hit. Then she sucks on her own juice and rolls onto her back so Tony can stand by the bed and hit her. With her hands on her breasts, Michelle rubs her nipples and moans in excitement with her stepbrother’s big cock inside her. Kicking that ass while Michelle is on her knees and takes it doggy style, Tony gives his footsteps one last orgasm. Then he lets Michelle suck him off so he can fuck his mouth open in a facial that definitely convinces him that she’ll be great in porn.

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