Step Sisters School Uniform – Kyler Quinn – FULL VIDEO



Rion King is going about his business playing video games when his stepsister, Kyler Quinn, knocks on his bedroom door. Kyler is trying hard to seduce her stepbrother, so she has donned her school uniform and is now here to ask him to help her make him sexy. Despite Kyler’s blatant request and equally obvious attempts to flirt, Rion maintains that he shouldn’t be doing something like this with his stepsister. Kyler leaves, but his determination only grows. She takes the time to make her uniform sexy on her own, then returns to Rion’s bedroom to see the results of her efforts.

Rion is blown away by his sexy stepsister and no longer wants to resist his advances. When Kyler puts a high heel on her bed and lifts her cropped miniskirt to show off her panties, Rion can’t take his eyes off her pussy. Kyler pushes Rion down, and when he doesn’t resist, she climbs on top of him and presses her hands against his chest and her butt against his erection. Once she feels how much Rion wants her, Kyler unbuttons her shirt and pulls her breasts out of their bra so Rion can see the goods as she kisses his body to start sucking it. Sucking on Rion’s balls and licking and sucking his way up and down the shaft, Kyler baits his stepbrother into a nice hardwood. She pulls back and drops the panties so she can tease him with her dripping pussy before she sinks on his fuck stick.

Watching his footsteps is riding hard on his erection, too much for Rion to handle. He forces Kyler to turn around so he can give her a hand and spank her while she continues their party. Then he helps Kyler get on all fours so he can deliver the rough pussy pounding they both crave. Kyler adores every moment as she pulls back to respond to each of Rion’s punches. She turns and looks at him with wide eyes through her glasses as she begs Rion to keep hitting her. He does as asked, only pulling back to explode on Kyler’s glasses in a facial that is everything Kyler dreamed of.

Model: Kyler Quinn

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