Step Sisters Sexperiment – Katie Kush – FULL VIDEO



Katie Kush trusts her stepbrother, Brad Stirling, so she turns to him when she needs help. Brad is initially willing to help her stepbrother, but when Katie begins to elaborate on the sexual experiments she wants to try, Brad becomes a little more indecisive. Katie insists, so Brad helps her put a blindfold on her. Katie then makes Brad hand her an ice cube that she uses to harden her nipples. Brad is a bit shy seeing his stepsister in that position, but Katie really wants her involvement.

Finally, Brad stands up and takes his cock out of her so that Katie, still blindfolded, can wrap her hand around it and begin stroking it. In response, Katie leans back and lifts her miniskirt and panties to the side of her so she can see how Brad feels about her hitting her while she’s blindfolded. Her lack of sight really enhances all of her other senses, but Katie discovers that she wants to see her stepbrother fuck her. She looks him in the eye as he stands in front of her beating up that greedy jerk, then takes the blindfold off completely.

Rolling onto her knees with her torso bent over the couch, Katie moans long and loud as Brad slaps her pussy hard. When Brad takes a seat, Katie climbs onto her lap so he can shove her tits into her face as she rides him. She turns around and plants her feet to ride Brad in reverse cowgirl as her tight pussy throbs with pleasure. When Katie is finally satisfied with her sexual experiments, she opens wide and starts sucking until Brad delivers a facial of cum that drips from her smiling mouth.

Model: Katie Kush

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