Stepsisters Panties – Chloe Temple – FULL VIDEO



Tony Lovelock has a habit of sneaking into the laundry room to sniff his stepsister’s dirty panties. Chloe Temple is unaware of her stepbrother’s penchant for getting into his dirty clothes until one day Tony walks out of his bedroom wearing his panties instead of his mask. Chloe calls out to him to like the smell of her pussy, then pushes him to the door. Later, Chloe comes to apologize for being so hard on Tony and assures him that his crush on her will pass. Tony claims not, and after thinking about it, Chloe offers to give Tony just a taste of her pussy so he knows it’s okay.

Lying on the sofa, Chloe lets her miniskirt go up to show her beautiful trimmed pussy which is already quite wet. Tony hesitates and Chloe pulls him forward to lick him before she changes her mind. Getting eaten by her half-brother is a surprising surprise for Chloe, who continues to stretch out more and more to give her better access. Wrapping her fingers through Tony’s hair, Chloe puts her mouth where she wants it. She’s so into it that she tells Tony he can fuck her if he wants to, but he better do it before she changes her mind. As Tony undresses, Chloe has lifted one of her legs in the air to open up and welcome him inside. He does a few push-ups before Chloe suggests they go to the bedroom.

Tony finds himself in a lying position with Chloe kneeling above him, his cock in her hand. Bending down, she tastes the D then climbs onto her knees so she can swing her hips to rub his fuck stick against her pussy. Finally, Chloe lifts her hips to pull Tony inside for a cowgirl ride. Then she gets on all fours so Tony can go to town to fuck her doggy style. Chloe can’t help but moan when she learns that her stepbrother has some serious movements! Pushing Tony onto his back again, Chloe rides him in reverse cowgirl for a good bouncing moment. She ends up on her back with one leg hanging from Tony’s shoulder so he can fuck her until he walks in for a creampie that leaves her dripping cum and smiling that they’ve come up with a great solution to Tony’s infatuation.

Model: Chloe Temple

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