This Is Not A Training Bra – Kyler Quinn & Lily Larimar – FULL VIDEO



Lilly Larimar and her friend Kyler Quinn are trying to stay in shape, so they get together a couple of times a week to do yoga in Lilly’s room. The girls are dressed in sports bras and panties while doing their stretches. When Lilly’s stepbrother Codey Steele approaches the girls doing his thing, he decides to tease them for their small tits by calling her sports bras training bras. Instead of getting offended, the girls take the opportunity to show those little tits to Codey.

Just seeing them gives Codey a boner. When Kyler notices that Codey is erect, he crawls on his yoga mat to explode the erection. Opening wide, he starts sucking right then and there. At first, Lilly is grossed out by the way her friend and stepbrother do it, but when Codey puts his mouth to work licking Kyler’s pussy and then shoves his cock into her bald twat, Lilly finds it sexier than she bargained for . She can’t help but masturbate as she watches Kyler get pounded in her pussy.

Kyler is happy to share. He helps Lilly get on her hands and knees so Codey can fuck her doggy style. The two girls are experts at sharing, so they lay Codey down and stand on top of him. First, Lilly makes sure Kyler is well impaled on the D and then she climbs onto Codey’s face so she can mount her mouth. The girls swap places, with Lilly rocking on Codey’s fucking pole in reverse cowgirl while Kyler allows himself to sit on her face. Once the girls are completely satiated, they kneel down to work together to suck on Codey. He appears in her open mouths, leaving them with a salty snack to enjoy.

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