Wanna Fuck Your Step Sister – Charly Summer – FULL VIDEO



It’s Charly Summer’s turn to do the laundry, and she decides to be a total brat about it. She gets dramatic about it when she begs her stepbrother Tony to help her, but Tony doesn’t bite. Instead of helping, she follows her steps up the stairs and takes secret pictures of her butt. Once Charly goes upstairs, Tony goes to her room to masturbate to the photos he just took. Charly saw it, so she in retaliation she breaks into Tony a few minutes later with her phone in her hand so she can take some photos on her own.

Charly insists that Tony rub her back as she hurt herself while she was struggling with her dirty clothes. She lies on her stomach and then tells Tony to move progressively lower until her hands hit her butt. Finally, Tony pulls down Charly’s shorts and she tells him to start rubbing between her thighs. She takes all of her shorts off and tells Tony to keep rubbing her. Little by little, Charly guides Tony to rub higher and higher on her until her hand is on her pussy. Tony tries to tell Charly that they should stop, but Charly sees the size of Tony’s bump and offers to let him fuck her.

Charly seals her new deal by delivering a handie and a blowjob. She then gets on her hands and knees so Tony can push himself home doggy style. Once Charly has enjoyed her brother’s huge cock in that position, she turns around so he can ram into her house while she squeezes one of her firm tits. She ends with a stiff ride that starts in cowgirl and then goes on to reverse cowgirl. When she is finally satiated, Charly sucks Tony again until he appears in her mouth with a load of hot cum.

Model: Charly Summer

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