When Things Go Too Far – Kenzie Reeves & Lacy Lennon – FULL VIDEO



Kenzie Reeves and Lacy Lennon have signed up for combat training and can’t wait to practice their new moves. After changing into their uniforms together, they go to find Lacy’s stepbrother, AJ. They explain what they want from him, and AJ definitely doesn’t like him. He ends up reluctantly agreeing to let the girls test his moves on him, but that’s still not the scenario that Kenzie and Lacy are trying to develop. They need AJ to take his dick out, and they need that dick to be hard. When AJ has finally complied, they tell him to attack Kenzie so that she can try to defend herself from her. That’s fine until AJ takes off Kenzie’s pants and then slides in at the crucial moment for his cock to slide straight home into Kenzie’s wet pussy.

At first, Lacy can’t believe that her stepbrother has taken things to that level with her friend, or that Kenzie is letting it happen! Yet at the same time, Kenzie seems to be enjoying himself immensely. It’s not long before Lacy is more interested than surprised. Watching Kenzie get pounded in her pussy is surprisingly sexy for Lacy, who takes off her shirt and pants so she can join in. She starts off by sucking on Kenzie’s tits and then goes down to lick AJ’s cock clean. When AJ and Lacy decide they want to explore the newfound stepbrother relationship, Kenzie climbs on the couch so Lacy can finger her and lick that greedy jerk while AJ fucks Lacy from behind her.

The trio gets a bit acrobatic when Kenzie finds himself balanced on her shoulders. Her hard nipples are proud when AJ lifts her ass and then slides into her house in her creamy glove. Lacy helps the pair balance, and then continues to do so when Kenzie finds herself riding AJ’s man meat as she balances on one knee with her other leg on the couch. Kenzie takes a break to let Lacy ride AJ’s cock, but that doesn’t mean her good time is over. She positions herself so that her pussy is above AJ’s mouth, to better mount his tongue and her fingers. When the girls have finally had their fill, they work together to make AJ stand out. She gives the girls a big snowball bite to her mutual delight.

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