Can I Find All My Step Sisters Easter Eggs – Jessie Saint – FULL VIDEO



Sheena Ryder loves to host vacation events for her daughter Jessie Saint and stepson Jake Adams. At the moment she has hidden eggs so the children can hunt them down. Jake is all out looking for Easter eggs, but Jessie doesn’t feel it. She has her very own way of getting into the Easter mood. She goes into her bedroom and puts in her Easter egg butt plug before turning on porn with her headphones so she can masturbate properly. The cases hide what Jessie does with her talented fingers, but they don’t quite cover the Easter egg. Jake finds it and pulls it out before proudly bringing his basket to Sheena.

Sheena recognizes the butt plug for what it is and instructs Jake to give it back to his stepsister. When Jake returns to Jessie’s room, he finds her busy masturbating with her headphones on. She doesn’t know he’s there as she’s talking dirty to herself, but Jake thinks Jessie is talking to him. He does exactly what she asks and slips his cock inside her! Jessie freaks out which makes Sheena work. The step-siblings manage to hide what they are doing very quickly. When Sheena leaves, Jessie tells Jake that it is wrong for her to be together, but since he started with it, he may as well end it.

Jessie rolls over on her back and lets Jake fuck her in missionary position. Then she takes Jake on his back so she can explore what his cock feels like inside her as she rides it. She takes Jake for a spin in the doggy style while he holds on for the ride and dives deep inside to hit all the right spots. When Jessie moans in delight from Jake’s pussy pounding, he reaches the end of his stamina. He pushes himself in deep and gives Jessie a big creampie that makes her moody about his bad decisions.

Model: Jessie Saint

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