Confessions Vol1 E1 – Jillian Janson – FULL VIDEO



Jillian (Jillian Janson) feels guilty about recently having a sucking and fucking session with a sexy colleague (Robby Echo) in the office. Forced to tell her husband (Donnie Rock) of her transgression, she slaps him right between the eyes with every suggestive detail. When she tells her husband, “This man knows how to fuck me,” Donnie quickly realizes that his wife’s erotic confession is turning on. His hand finds its way under the table and into his shorts. Donnie discreetly plays with his cock as she continues to confess, but when his wife tells him, “I couldn’t wait to try his sperm,” it’s more than Donnie can take. His cock explodes, shooting his load into his shorts. He wonders if his wife noticed …

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