Idolized Crazyshit – Gabbie Carter & Lauren Phillips – FULL VIDEO



Gabbie Carter, a babysitter, is let into a house by her clients Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley (Tommy Pistol and Lauren Phillips). They are warm and familiar with each other as she has been babysitting for them for a few months. Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley are both looking forward to a night out, reminding Gabbie that she can help herself to anything in the fridge, rent movies, call her friends – she’s over 18 and they have a lot of faith in her – she’s the greatest most responsible babysitter they have ever had. Before they leave, however, remind Gabbie not to go to Mr. Kingsley’s office as he has some private items there. Gabbie readily agrees and says good night to her favorite customers while Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley leave.

Later that night, Gabbie worries. The batteries in the baby monitor are dead. She can’t find the charger anywhere as she has checked EVERYWHERE around the house … except the office.

Gabbie is even more annoyed when she thinks about going to the office even though she knows she shouldn’t. Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley were only good to her, and she doesn’t want to destroy their trust. Eventually, although she is nervous, she decides to check the office quickly. She promises herself that she will just stop by, have a quick look, and leave without disturbing anything.

Gabbie enters the office, which is not locked, cautiously and quietly. But when she walks in and sees what’s in the room, her jaw drops in shock and horror. Across the room is a shrine dedicated to YOU ​​on a nearby shelf. It’s filled with all kinds of creepy things – a hoodie she once left there, a vial with one of her hair in it, personal jewelry of her, and pictures of her. After staring for a few moments, she hastily runs out of the room and slams the door.

A while later, Gabbie seems desperate as she waits for Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley to return home. They eventually return home and Gabbie tries to keep calm and show that nothing is wrong. However, she keeps looking nervously at Mr. Kingsley. She makes small talk with them, but then casually asks if she can talk to Mrs. Kingsley alone for a moment about … girls’ things. Mr. Kingsley laughs pleasantly and apologizes and leaves Mrs. Kingsley with her.

Gabbie nervously leads Mrs. Kingsley into the office and points to the shrine. She’s still freaked out and insists that she thinks it’s all Mr. Kingsley does.

Mrs. Kingsley is strangely quiet. After a moment, Gabbie turns to her. When she turns around, she is shocked to see Mr. Kingsley standing in the doorway with Mrs. Kingsley. Gabbie looks shocked and exasperated at the casual behavior of Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley. Mrs. Kingsley comes up to Gabbie and comforts her, insisting that it is NOT what Gabbie thinks. They lead Gabbie into the living room, where they explain that they BOTH love and admire Gabbie. This is her way of keeping Gabbie CLOSE, even when she isn’t babysitting for her.

You already pamper her lazily as a babysitter, imagine what life would be like if she were pampered as a lover? Gabbie isn’t sure, but after admitting to them that she always found HER attractive too, she easily agrees to bond with them in a wild threesome.

Gabbie is about to find out what it’s really like to be idolized …

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