Did You Fuck Your Stepdad – Sia Lust – FULL VIDEO



Kyle Mason is in the middle of watching a movie in the living room when he is accompanied by his stepsister, Sia Lust. Sia is just settling in when she mentions that she knows Kyle’s father wants to see the movie too. Kyle says his father is in the shower, but Sia decides to come into the room to say hello. Before Kyle can react, Sia has jumped off to sneak into the bathroom. She slips in and clearly has her way with her stepfather, but she thinks Kyle has no idea. Sia doesn’t know that Kyle was listening at the door and hearing everything.

When Sia returns to the living room and finds Kyle still on the couch, she tries to sit next to him and be good. She is still so horny! She can’t stop herself rubbing those tiny tits and hard nipples even though Kyle is right there. When Sia sees Kyle, she climbs on top of him and insists that he lick her hard nipples. Kyle tries to talk to his stepsister about whether she fucked her stepdad, but she denies it. Instead, she tries to derail the conversation by pulling out Kyle’s impressive boner and bending over to suck it off. Her blowjob is a complete success in silencing Kyle.

Now that she’s seen what Kyle is packing, Sia can’t help but straighten up and slide her tight pussy onto his fuck stick. Kyle loves his spinner sister’s ride on his Hardon, so he takes her on his stomach and pushes himself deep inside. Sia curls up and lets Kyle give it to her before getting down on her knees for some doggy style pounding. When Sia sits with her ass on the edge of the couch and leans back, Kyle gives her all the deep pleasure she can take. He pushes himself in all the way to enjoy a creampie finish that leaves Sia completely satisfied.

Model: Sia Lust

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