Doctor Patient Confidentiality – Aaliyah Love – FULL VIDEO



Sarah (Alia Love) has had a hard time in the past. She found herself in a dangerous situation with her boyfriend, but finally found the courage and support she needed to leave him. Her friend Cassie graciously took her to her home so that she and her therapist husband James (Tommy Pistol) could help Sarah rebuild her life. But for all their support, there are things Sarah is too ashamed to admit …

A week later, Sarah examines her neck to see how well she is healing, hoping that the last hints of her traumatic past life are gone. But as she examines herself in the mirror, caressing her neck, her hands begin to slowly, erotically tighten around her throat. There is an undeniable excitement from which everything excites her, although it scares her. That’s when she decides to lean on James for more help. As a therapist, he may be able to help her deal with these difficult feelings.

When James enters her bedroom, Sarah becomes nervous, making him swear to continue this conversation between them. As soon as he does, she shamefully admits that choking during sex turns her on. Obviously, it wasn’t always this way, and she fears that past experiences have distorted her, but she needs his help to deal with it. Although James offers professional therapy sessions, Sarah insists that she needs something much more personal …

Model: Aaliyah Love

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