Dont Be Shy – Chloe Cherry & Eliza Ibarra – FULL VIDEO



Eliza Ibarra has been dating her boyfriend, Giovanni Francesco, for quite some time now. What Giovanni doesn’t know, however, is that Eliza also has a girlfriend: Chloe Cherry. Eliza and Chloe decide to get sexy to Giovanni who they are sure will lead to a threesome.

When Giovanni arrives at the house, he finds a note that asks him to go to the bedroom. There, he finds another note telling him to put on the blindfold that is next to it. Giovanni is confused, but he’s ready to play. He puts the blindfold on as he was told and then sits on the bed.

Giovanni doesn’t have to wait long before someone arrives and starts sucking his cock. Giovanni assumes it’s Eliza, but in reality, Eliza is standing in the doorway and watching Chloe drive into town gobbling up her boyfriend’s hardon. Lost in the moment, Giovanni suggests they move on to sex. That’s when Chloe makes herself known, asking what Giovanni’s girlfriend would think.

Giovanni rips off the blindfold to see who sucked it just as Eliza comes out from behind the door and lets him have it. The girls give him a hot second there before dissolving into laughter and talking candidly about their relationship with each other. They wanted to give Giovanni a threesome birthday surprise, and he knows it would be foolish to refuse.

They start with a double blowjob where Giovanni takes advantage of both girls with their hot mouths sucking his cock. They share so nicely, taking turns, whetting Giovanni’s appetite. When Chloe and Eliza kneel side by side, Giovanni withdraws them one after the other from their lingerie thongs. With a double buffet of pussy in front of him, he shoves his cock first in Chloe’s greedy pussy then in that of Eliza, eliciting cries of joy from each in turn. Once Giovanni is done with Chloe, the hot little blonde gets down on her knees and leans forward to tease Eliza’s ass with her tongue, doubling his girlfriend’s deep pleasure.

Lying on her back, Chloe spreads her thighs to welcome Giovanni inside. He gives it to her in long strokes that make her beautiful pussy tremble. Meanwhile, Chloe pulls Eliza on her mouth. Planting her fuck hole just above Chloe’s tongue, Eliza swings her hips as her girlfriend eats her. She finally leans forward to suck Giovanni’s cock and rub Chloe’s clit, making sure the other two members of her threesome continue their party.

Giovanni then gets onto his back, Chloe taking her turn to sit on the face. With her cream-filled pussy straddling Giovanni’s tongue, she easily worries about bouncing. At the same time, Eliza digs into Giovanni’s fuck stick to indulge in a vigorous ride that leaves her tight pussy absolutely satisfied.

When the girls have finally fully enjoyed themselves, they get off Giovanni and spread out on the bed. They open wide, creating the perfect landing point for Giovanni. He does his student duty, leading to a climax that floods both girls with a stream of hot cum.

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