Family Canoe Trip Goes Wrong – Lexi Luna & Scarlett Hampton – FULL VIDEO



Lexi Luna tried to take her stepdaughter Scarlett Hampton and adoptive son Rion King on a canoe trip, but all that could go wrong worked. Even now that they are back home, the family does not stop bickering. Rion goes too far by telling Lexi that the problem is that she’s probably bitchy because she hasn’t been fucked for too long. When Lexi tells Rion it’s none of his business and calls him a little man, Rion is immediately offended. There is nothing small about the tail that he so proudly pulls out of his swimming trunks.

Lexi is still belligerent so she asks Rion what he’s going to do with it, then pulls down her bikini bottoms to expose her pussy to mock him. Scarlett follows her stepmother’s cue and pulls down her own bikini bottoms. The girls even flaunt their tits to keep teasing Rion with the unreachable. Scarlett walks on as she throws herself on the couch and really shows off her cunt. Lexi stands behind Rion and yells at him and pushes him forward. He stumbles on the way down and finds his cock buried in Scarlett’s fuckhole. Scarlett and Rion are both shocked, but Lexi, who is still behind Rion, just starts squeezing his hips so he can fuck Scarlett all the way. Scarlett can’t deny that she likes the feeling, and now that Rion is buried deep inside his adoptive sister, he can’t deny that it is so wrong that it feels right.

Now that Rion is on board to give both of them something, Lexi goes to the couch so he can fuck her from behind. She doesn’t want Scarlett to feel left out, so she pulls her stepdaughter forward and heads to town with that pussy. The girls sit down Rion and work together to reward him for his openness to new experiences with a double BJ. Then Lexi climbs to the top for a reverse cowgirl ride that will jiggle those big boobs while Scarlett plays with them. When it is her turn to play, Scarlett gets on her hands and knees so she can enjoy how Rion fucks her while Lexi jiggles and clasps his balls to encourage him to dive as deep as possible. The position leaves Rion ready to blow his load and Lexi wants him to do it in Scarlett’s pussy. Rion is an obedient stepson who does what mom tells him to and heaped a creampie on Scarlett, which Lexi likes to lick up, even though Scarlett is shocked that her adoptive brother got into her.

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