Fathers Day Daughter Swap – Emma Starletto & Harlow West – FULL VIDEO



Emma Starletto and Harlow West have been friends for so long that their fathers have developed a friendship too. Sometimes they meet so the girls can hang out while the dads work out. Emma’s dad, Charles Dera, and Harlow’s dad, Dick Chibbles, lift weights as the girls quietly discuss how hot they think the session is. Harlow claims she totally fucks Emma’s dad, and Emma is on the same page about Harlow’s dad.

The girls decide to at least annoy each other’s fathers. You go into the bedroom to put on pajamas. While they are undressing there, Harlow decides to face another of her fantasies. She makes it clear to Emma that she’s feeling pretty horny and doubles it up by feeling her breasts and hopping on the bed to slide her hands between her thighs. Emma has never done anything like this before, but watching Harlow manipulate her own clitoris is so hot that Emma can’t help but feel herself too. Fresh from their highlights, the girls put on their cute little pajamas and return to the living room to see what they can do.

They find their fathers sitting on the couch and watch the game. Though Dick and Charles don’t take too much notice of the girls’ return, the girls make themselves felt by massaging their own fathers. When they talk to Emma and Dick and Harlow Charles, the fathers can’t forget. Dick tries to break up, but Charles is DTF. Eventually, he persuades Dick to let Emma suck his cock while Harlow gives Charles the same treatment. Harlow hops on Charles’ cane for a hard ride and Emma ends up doing the same to Dick. The girls both take doggystyle pussy from each other’s father. Then they go back to back as Dick climaxes Harlow and Charles does the same for Emma. The pussy pounding doesn’t end until both dads deliver a creampie, which leaves Emma and Harlow smiling and fed up.

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