Fertility Clinic Vol 1 E3 – Skylar Snow & Paisley Porter – FULL VIDEO



Paisley (Paisley Porter) and Seth (Seth Gamble) finally get their long-awaited appointment with the best fertility clinic. After the meet and greet, Dr. Dera leads Paisley into the exam room while Nurse Snow escorts Seth to the waiting room. Dr. Dera’s creepy and unorthodox methods soon have Paisley questioning the doctor’s credentials, but her naive hope is so desperate to get pregnant that she allows the exam to continue. Meanwhile, Seth is quite upset by what he sees on the laptop, but Nurse Snow quickly gives him something else to think about. The nasty nurse devours her thick cock while the slightly deranged doctor licks her patient’s pussy. Seth convinces the drooling nurse that he would feel better about the exam if they could join Dr. Dera and his wife in the exam room. Nurse Snow obeys and before long, Dr. Dera gives Paisley a beating while Seth beats Nurse Snow. The rough sex culminates with Seth pouring his balls onto Nurse Snow’s tits and Dr. Dera’s seed deep in Paisley’s love hole.

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