Filthy Mouthed Aussie Butt Sluts – Angela White & Savannah Bond – FULL VIDEO



Angela White and Savannah Bond destroy the continuity of space-time in this Australian anal escape. Jules Jordan is a demon who decides to play with the laws of nature by putting two knockouts together in the same room. It starts with a duo covered in matching blue lingerie. Jordan’s camera is already focused on a huge pair of boobs. Angela is worried. “Can these boobs fit in the camera? Good question. Our only problem is to call the magic orb” boobs “. Ohno. They are too big and special and the term cannot be used. These captivating sets are spell-bound throughout the scene. The trio all seem to understand this, as they all have a huge grin on their faces during the fantastic sight. After bullying two Australian sirens sucking each other’s breasts, a transition occurs with Jordan, who is in an enviable position between two loved ones. Angela asks, “How about choking on Australian boobs?” Like a kid trapped in a candy store overnight … A gorgeous couple crawls towards Jules in a round red lounge. The girl shares his cock like two birds in a nest that divides the worm. Her head sways back and forth. One sucks the shaft and the other feeds the ball. Savannah boarded Jordan in a cowgirl position. Kind Miss White guides his penis to those who dislike Bond. A huge savanna bread erases Jules’ cock. Angela then climbs on Jordan’s face and she chokes him with her loot. She hits Bond’s face with a magic nanny. It’s a very nice “thick” sight to see. Angela taps Bond and rides Jules. Her letter Ds is still epicly swirling. Savannah moves to the dog, Jordan plants his penis in her ass, stirs her and then pulls it out for Angela to clean. Then a strong pair sits naked on the couple’s stool. Their toy is hanging on the edge, with enough boobs and ass for one to be ferocious. Jules hits Savannah’s ass, and Angel waits for more ass to get into her mouth. The sullen woman kneels down and Jordan sprays semen on the fair maiden’s face several times. Change the reality of T & A forever

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