Her Secret Garden – Ryder Rey – FULL VIDEO



Hot Little Piece Ryder Rey has a crush on her step-uncle Damon Dice, who lives with her family. Today she is chatting with her BFF about a book about a secret garden that they recently had to read. Ryder’s mind wanders, as has so often happened lately, to Damon. Ryder can’t help but touch herself, pinching her nipples hard and slipping her hand under her panties to rub her horny cunt while chatting with her friend about how much she wants her uncle. What Ryder doesn’t know is that Damon is right outside the door and can see and hear everything. He eventually makes his presence known, leaving Ryder red and embarrassed.

Eventually Ryder’s friend suggests that maybe Ryder should offer Damon her own secret garden. Ryder chooses it. She makes Damon an offer and says he has to make up his mind in the next 10 seconds. Damon doesn’t even have to think before he does. He’s on Ryder right away, embracing her pussy, caressing her tits, kissing her all over the place. When Ryder makes it clear that she dreamed of sucking him off, Damon is all too happy that she is making that dream come true. Ryder is amazing with her mouth and delivers a sloppy deep throat BJ that would make any man go nuts.

When Ryder strips and sits Damon on the couch, he helps her lead onto his Hardon so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. When Ryder turns around, Damon loses sight of that ass, but wins his hot little step-niece’s smile and delight in her tiny tits. They do a light breath play before Ryder gets on her hands and knees so Damon can pound her pussy properly. Ryder isn’t finished giving Damon a tour of her secret garden when she stands on her side for Damon to spoon it. As she rolls onto her back and encourages Uncle Damon to give her everything, Damon pokes her tight cunt in and out until he delivers a creampie deep inside Ryder’s juicy cunt.

Model: Ryder Rey

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