Huge Natural Backseat Fun – Karlee Grey – FULL VIDEO



If this is a new way to take advantage of ride sharing services, count us! Dishy-darling Karlee Gray is in the backseat with Jules. Decorated with 80’s-style jeans short overalls, Curly gives Jordan a glimpse into her vibrant nature. “There’s nothing like a girl flashing in the backseat of a car,” says Jules. Especially when the gray is flashing. The couple kisses in Gray’s sexy, intense breathing, and Jordan samples one of her breasts. The next Curly asks, “Can I put this in my mouth anymore?” She begins giving Jules a sloppy backseat bj with some fucking bullying. When they arrive in and inside Jordan, Gray gets naked and shows off her wonderful bushes. Jules plunges and tastes, and Curly grabs and pulls a bush with one finger. Gray spreads himself to Automan, and Jordan drives his cock into her twat. The duo moves to the couch and the gray puts one foot on the floor, allowing the cock to control slippage in the cowgirl position. Then she moves the “side saddle” as Jordan fucks from under her. Wisely, Jules puts Curly in the dog. Her bulbous butt shines in this position, especially when Jules planted her hands and weight on her hips. Finally, they take the oil and make Gray’s boobs even more dazzling. Jordan slides the cock back and forth between the slippery slopes, then crosses the two streams and throws them at Curly’s beautiful face …

Model: Karlee Grey

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