I Hate My Boss Vol 1 E2 – Chanel Grey – FULL VIDEO



One afternoon the boss, Jake (Jake Adams), is in his office rubbing his crotch while dreaming of his last suck and fuck fest with Ashley (Ashley Lane). Horny as hell, he’s summoning another hot office babe, Chanel (Chanel Gray), and baiting her with the promise of a big promotion. It’s a position every girl in the office desires so much that Chanel is ready to go out of their way to get it. When he talks about a raise with additional responsibilities, his hands begin to explore Chanel’s body. She quickly learns that one of her new responsibilities is to relieve Jake’s daily “stress and pressure”. Chanel knows exactly what that means. She is determined to do what she can and prove to her boss that she is the right woman for the job. Being an asshole, Jake immediately puts Chanel to the test as he pounds each hole hard and turns her into a messy sperm container.

Model: Chanel Grey

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