I Want More – Kristen Scott – FULL VIDEO



Kristen Scott is ready to take action with her new boyfriend. Wearing just a see-through bra and thong, she looks very good. His hand creeps into Owen’s boxers, sinking around his hard cock. Finding him nice and thick for her, Kristen begins to stroke him even as Owen pulls down her bra so that her pierced nipples come out.

Pushing Kristen onto her back, Owen pulls her underwear aside and dives deep. Her tongue works magic as it explores Kristen’s smooth folds. When he gets up and guides himself through the honey of Kristen’s greedy pussy, she greets him with long moans. She pulls away wide open, enjoying every deep thrust Owen delivers as he leans forward and really starts to pick up speed.

Rolling on her hands and knees, Kristen lifts her buttocks to invite Owen to come back inside. He slides his hands around her waist as he pulls her back in. Sliding good and deep, Owen gives Kristen the pussy pounding she craves. He withdraws to feast on his juice and change position.

Kristen enjoys spoon sex, raising one leg to encourage Owen to take it a step further. Then she rolls onto her stomach and snuggles between Owen’s thighs. Opening wide and wide, she licks and sucks her own sweet cream from his erection. His sloppy BJ makes Owen even more difficult for Kristen’s next act.

Turning around, Kristen slowly walks over to her personal man’s meat until it’s completely impaled. Her position is perfect for allowing her to bounce that ass up and down as she rides the D. She rolls onto her back one last time so Owen can pull her out once more. His big cock doesn’t need any help, but he grabs a vibrator anyway and presses it against Kirsten’s clit until she loosens in his arms.

As Kristen’s pussy milks him dry, Owen leans forward and hammers without any extra finesse. Moments later, it dives deep and explodes. Glutting Kristen with a cream pie is the perfect end to their vigorous encounter, leaving them both panting but completely sated.

Model: Kristen Scott

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