Intimate Moments – Nala Brooks – FULL VIDEO



Lying in bed together, Nala Brooks and Tyler Nixon gradually wake up to a new morning full of sensual possibilities. Nala is the big spoon, which puts her in the perfect position to smell Tyler’s morning wood. Rippling her hips, she invites Tyler to explore her generous curves with her large hands. Tyler can’t wait to accept such a sweet invitation.

Nala guides Tyler’s hand to where she wants it most: under her panties. Tyler’s hot fingers feel amazing wandering the soft folds of her pussy. Reaching out to take those amazing boobs, Tyler makes sure that Nala’s pierced breasts and nipples don’t feel in the least bit neglected. He hastens to follow the path his fingers have traced with his warm, wet tongue, much to Nala’s delight.

As Tyler continues to wash Nala’s breasts with his tongue, his hand works the plump folds of her pussy. Rubbing Nala’s clitoris brings the sweetest meows of pleasure. As Nala arches her back, Tyler relieves her of her thong. Then he turns around so he can explore Nala’s smooth folds with his magical fingers as she fists her stiff for mutual masturbation.

Once Nala has had her own opportunity to explore the D with her hands and mouth, Tyler resumes her tender seduction. He pulls his fair-skinned lover into his arms, letting her rub her butt against his cock as he strokes her like a cat. From tits to pussy, her whole body is on fire in Tyler’s arms.

After Nala enjoys another luxurious orgasm, she puts Tyler on her back so that she can deliver oral pleasure. She sucks and strokes, sucks Tyler’s balls and gives a good sucking. Since Tyler is already on his back and eager to go, it’s easy for Nala to climb onto her hips and slide on her fuck stick for a good old school ride. Eventually, Nala falls to the side so Tyler can curl up next to her and continue her pussy party.

Getting on all fours, Nala invites Tyler to come inside. He is happy to oblige! This position allows his enormous naturalness to swing freely with each thrust of Tyler’s hips. He dives deep, milking his daughter’s moans of pure passion and happiness.

On her back, Nala brings her knees up to her shoulders so that Tyler can reinstate her for one last orgasm. Her breasts continue to create quite a spectacle, shaking as Tyler walks away. He gives it to her until she reaches her last climax of satisfaction, then pulls back to cum on Nala’s generous breasts and belly.

Model: Nala Brooks

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