Its Just A Sponge Bath – Lily Larimar – FULL VIDEO



Cheerful student Lily Larimar is going to school to be a nurse, but she needs someone to help her practice her sponge bathing skills. She can’t think of anyone but her stepbrother, Tony, to help her. Tony is reluctant, but agrees to undress and get into her bed with only a washcloth covering her penis. Unsurprisingly, having her hot sister scrub him off gives Tony a raging boner that only gets worse when Lily’s tits pop out of the top of her shirt.

When Lily notices Tony’s erection, she says that he is fine, her teacher has shown her how to deal with a patient who gets hard. Putting on gloves and lube, she begins to rub Tony into ejaculation, which will make her erection go away. When Tony can’t come right away, he suggests that Lily show him her boobs again. That visual stimulation isn’t enough, so Tony’s mission is to convince Lily of something tougher. It takes a bit of persuasion, but she agrees to lose the gloves and try to suck him off.

Now that Lily is engaged, she slowly and shyly allows herself to be persuaded to get naked. Tony can’t believe how horny his stepsister is! By the time Lily’s shorts and thong are on the floor, Tony can’t wait to put it on her back and bury himself in that soft bare pussy of hers. Lily then gets on her hands and knees so Tony can deliver some doggy style pleasure. Then he finishes off with a wild stiff ride! Watching Lily bounce on her cock is almost enough to get Tony turned on, but he hangs on until he gets another BJ. Putting his load in her sister’s mouth, Tony offers her body every time Lily wants to practice sponge baths again.

Model: Lily Larimar

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