Karma Rx Takes It In The Ass From The Milfomaniac – Karma Rx – FULL VIDEO



Blue-eyed karma wears a bikini as small as you will find. Red with black trim and fishnet tights that goes well with her back thigh tattoos. Her top comes off quickly because she can’t put her huge boobs in. Karma shows how good they are to squeeze. She teases her karma in front of the fountain and she shows her ability to wink with her ass … indoor karma is spread out on the couch. Manuel appears, the couple kisses a long time, and Ferrara descends to taste. Karma brings her ankles behind her ears and her undulating jug snuggles between her legs. RX Deep Throat Ferrara And the two lie beside them. Manuel hits the clitoris and grabs her throat with excitement. In cowgirl position, Ferrara grabs and spanks the karmic bulbous butt until it turns red. Manuel then fingers her cat until she squirts. Then he packs and tastes a few digits in her dislike. This evolves the scene into cowgirl, reverse cow, and dog anal ramps, with a nice karmic frame. She then gaps and winks for Ferrara after her cancellation. We are given great semen, as karma is on her knees and Manuel tells her her “pre-ejaculate”. Then he reloads and blows the karma in her mouth. She cleverly holds the jug together. They easily catch the mess from her mouth and the debris from Ferrera’s cock …

Model: Karma Rx

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