Law-Abiding Citizen – Charlotte Sartre & Casey Calvert – FULL VIDEO



Charlie (Charlotte Sartre) wants to pay bills and lead a better life, but things haven’t been easy. Wherever she goes and no matter how hard she tries to escape from her past, it always catches up with her. But when she goes to another promising job interview and is turned down just because of her criminal record, it becomes clear that playing by the rules is not helping her.
It is then that she calls her longtime accomplice in the crime Mia (Casey Calvert) with an offer.
Later that night, Charlie and Mia meet up to come up with a way to make some extra money, which is not very popular. Since Charlie is on probation, this is absolutely the last thing she should do, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Even more risky is that she shouldn’t be in Mia’s company as she also has a criminal record.
Things soon get worse when Charlie’s grubby probation officer, Tony (Jason Moody), shows up. Thinking on the go, Charlie and Mia pretend to be friends, even though they are both straight, but Tony doesn’t believe it. If Charlie and Mia want to distract Tony from what they are REALLY doing, they will have to do their best to convince Tony that they are indeed a couple …

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