Let Me Get A Peek At Chu – Kyler Quinn & Lily Larimar – FULL VIDEO



Lily Larimar and her boyfriend Kyler Quinn have dressed up for a Halloween party. They’re competing for the same guy’s attention, so they go to Lily’s step-brother, Seth Gamble, and ask him to decide who’s hotter. Seth points out that Lily called him a pervert the last time he looked at her shirt, which only annoys Kyler because she now knows that Seth didn’t see her tits, but his sister’s. Kyler responds by blinking Seth. Lily takes Seth one more look at her own breasts to make sure Seth has the right memory.

The girls vie to get Seth to decide whose bum is better next. When Seth still refuses to make a firm decision, Lily comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​rubbing his cock. This results in the girls working side by side to give Seth the best handie and then the best blowjob. From then on, things escalate further, Kyler gets up and hops on Seth’s cock to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Lily helps her friend by rubbing her clit, but she is not trumped. She takes off her thong and then climbs on Seth’s fuck stick, riding him in reverse cowgirl just like Kyler did so Seth can make a proper comparison.

The girls are still involved in their competition, but there is definitely room for great fun. Seth gives it to Kyler while she lies on her back while Lily rides her face. Then Lily takes Kyler’s place and lies on her back with one leg held high to open up to Seth’s care. Kyler cradles Lily in her arms and does what she can to help her friend double her pleasure. Eventually, Seth reaches the end of his stamina. Lily asks him to come in, and he does what makes Lily the winner. That’s when Kyler reminded Lily that she might have won, but she’s not on birth control.

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