March 2021 Fantasy Of The Month – Vanna Bardot – FULL VIDEO



It’s a new month with a new fantasy, and this month Vanna Bardot is the star model. She looks great in her green lingerie to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. As she steps out of the bathroom, she settles down comfortably on a bed filled with lucky coins and green pearls. She runs her hands over her amazing figure, slowly revealing her plump breasts and lush pussy.

When Codey Steele joins Vanna in bed, he makes sure everything is for her pleasure. He kisses her along her body, finally settling between her thighs. As Codey’s fingers explore her see-through panties and pull them back so he can slowly start tongue-in-cheek, Vanna relieves herself of her bra. Soon the sexy redhead is moaning with pleasure at Codey’s tender oral care.

Eventually, Vanna starts swinging her hips to set a faster pace that lets Codey know all of her needs. Raising her knees, Vanna opens completely for Codey to explore. He gives her as much time as he needs to separate in his arm before removing her from her thong and sinking into her greedy glove.

Still moving slowly, Codey pumps Vanna full of D. Vanna puts Codey’s hands exactly where she wants them, ie on her breasts, feeling her hard nipples. Codey varies the speed and depth of penetration. Finally, when Vanna arches her back and lifts her hips, he gives her an unrestrained pussy pounding.

Rolling onto her knees, Vanna lets Codey impale her from behind again. She now helps set the pace with her own rocking hips, but eventually Codey regains control. Anchoring his hands on his hips, he delivers a harder, faster fuck with every stroke. Finally, Vanna leans forward so far that her nipples scrape the sheet with each thrust. It’s enough to bring her in, leaving her momentarily satisfied.

Codey takes the opportunity to roll onto his back so that Vanna can climb on top of him. Wearing only her high heels, she rides Codey and makes an exciting connection. The position allows Vanna to go to town riding her lover’s fuck stick. For Codey, he loves the freedom to run his hands over Vanna’s incredible figure. When Vanna leans forward, Codey can even kiss her nipples and lips. They continue their horizontal tango until Vanna is finally sated.

After a deep kiss, Vanna gets down from Codey’s erection. Kneeling between her legs, she opens wide to start stroking his cock while sucking the tip. She takes her time and is finally rewarded with Codey blowing his load all over her amazing tanned tits.

Model: Vanna Bardot

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