Mind Fucked By My Step Sister – Callie Jacobs – FULL VIDEO



Callie Jacobs and her stepbrother Jay Romero have teamed up in the biblical sense, but Callie doesn’t know when and where Jay can fuck her. When Jay walks into her room and starts sneaking up on her, Callie is not in the mood. Later, however, Callie puts on a short mini skirt and a bright red thong. When Jay walks in and asks what she’s doing, she makes sure he takes a good look at all of the goods before telling Jay that she thinks she lost her phone under the couch. When Jay kneels to check, Callie hops on the couch and pulls her thong aside, telling him he can lick her pussy. Although Jay hesitates, he does not miss this bald cat’s offer.

Jay leans forward and lets his tongue slide between Callie’s smooth folds. He licks her gentle warmth and trains his fingers in her tight cunt. When Jay gets up and takes out his Hardon, Callie sends him away. Jay is confused, but he’s exactly where Callie wants him. Even later, Jay shows up in Callie’s room to tell her that her mother wants her for something and Callie tells her that she wants to fuck him. She wears nothing under her miniskirt, and when she pushes her confused stepbrother, he almost instantly surrenders. Her only request is that Jay not get into her. He agrees, then pushes in to ride Callie while twisting her hard nipples.

Callie plunges into her lovemaking and lets her head drop back while she moans long and loud. She pushes Jay onto the bed and sucks her own juices off his Hardon before climbing and sinking on top of him. Jay’s cock in her tight cunt feels just amazing on both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. When Callie kneels for doggystyle, she can’t hide her lustful moans. She still enjoys the afterglow when Jay slams his load into her. Realizing what her stepbrother did, Callie tosses Jay out of her room while his creampie keeps dripping from her fuckhole.

Model: Callie Jacobs

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