Mom Plays A Prank – Alex Coal – FULL VIDEO



Step-siblings Alex Coal and Codey Steele have done what they think is secret. They do it when Alex’s mother, Artemesia Love, comes home with a snack. The stepsisters believe they kept their secret, but they were definitely loud enough for Artemesia to know what they were up to. She decides to play a prank on them and tell the step-siblings that they are actually cousins. Horrified, Alex and Codey wait for Aretmesia to leave and then agree that they will never be able to kneel again.

The step-siblings really intend to keep their promise not to put it on, but later Alex comes to Codey’s bed and says that their room is too cold to sleep. Codey agrees to have one last spoonful with her, but Alex starts rubbing her ass on his morning wood. They both get flashbacks from all the times they’ve been together, and Alex gets Codey to agree to do it all over again. On her knees she moans with joy when Codey takes off her panties and puts them in. They do it in doggy style, but Alex won’t settle for just one position.

Alex pushes Codey onto the bed so she can slide down his cane and start a hard ride. Her moans of joy are long and loud as she bounces around on her personal toy. This position is one of Alex’s favorites as Codey can knead her tits and rub her clit to make sure she cums. Once she comes down from her orgasm high, she rolls over onto her back and spreads wide for Codey to take a deep dive. They’ve been together so often that Codey knows exactly what his stepsister needs. As she cums around him, Codey pokes deep and gives her a creampie. Alex freaks out about getting inside her, and the sound brings Artemesia in. She reveals that she joked about being related, but then she wants to know what they do when they’re still step-siblings.

Model: Alex Coal

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