Mona Wales’ Ass Is Ready For Penetration – Mona Wales – FULL VIDEO



Blond beauty Mona Wales talks and takes a walk in this fast-paced woman’s showcase (intended to be a compliment). The scene begins harmless enough, with fresh Mona in the mirror writhing and teasing. When a luscious worker hits the bed with Manuel, filthy stories and deeds fly around. Manuel plunges and tastes Mona’s hairy pubic area. “Dominate me” and “It’s your hole” are just a few of the naughty remarks. When Wales sucks Manuel’s cock, she asks, “Do I have a penis in my mouth and look pretty?” Oral lunch continues, and Mona jumps into her cowgirl position. Manuel ordered her to slow down, so she grinded slowly and she told him not to cum. Then she pops out his stick and spouts like a broken fire hydrant. She bounces back, trains herself again, and tells Manuel to catch this next liquid of love. They continue to say Wales “fucks that little cat until it’s all exhausted.” Manuel then puts Wales on her back, he blocks her dislike, and Mona says, among other things, “I lie here and put a rail just above her ass.” The whole scene is made up of their vulgar voices and Wales can’t say much more as she gladly consumes Ferrara’s luggage …

Model: Mona Wales

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