More Like Your Old Man – Whitney Wright – FULL VIDEO



Doug Hamilton (Nathan Bronson) walks into the office of his stepfather and boss Ed Hamilton (Derrick Pierce). Ed owns a company and trains Doug to take over someday. So far, however, Ed is not very happy as he says that Doug is not assertive enough. He orders Doug to shadow him all day and do what he does.

Ed’s secretary Becky (Whitney Wright) enters. Ed stares at her and lets her get him a cup of coffee. Ed’s greasy look makes Doug uncomfortable. When Becky comes back with the coffee, she asks Ed if there is anything else she can do for him. Ed suggestively tells her that she KNOWS what to do, and Doug is shocked when she obediently gets down on her knees to suck Ed’s cock. To teach Doug about running the company, Ed urges Doug to watch him fuck Becky. Doug agrees, embarrassed.

Ed fucks Becky’s mouth, then places her on his desk so he can fuck her pussy while Doug watches. After Ed finishes, he tells Doug it’s now his turn to have sex with Becky. Doug is stunned and Ed reminds him to shadow him all day and do EVERYTHING he does. After initial hesitation, Doug agrees. Doug’s first lesson on how to become more like Ed is about to begin …

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