My Step Cousins Cum For Thanksgiving – Jessie Saint & Katie Kush – FULL VIDEO



It’s Thanksgiving time and Tyler Nixon is getting ready with his parents, Lexxxi Nicole and Dalton Lee. They are waiting for Tyler’s cousins, Katie Kush and Jessie Saint, for dinner. Lexxxie and Dalton try to have a chat with Tyler about how his step-cousins ​​are grown up now, so he can’t tease her like he used to. When the girls arrive, Lexxie is amazed at how slutty they are dressed. She tells them that they should be a bit more appropriate, but they try to say that they were told to dress like this. Katie and Jessie take off to join Tyler in the dining room, where they share a much warmer greeting.

Tyler’s parents give Tyler and his cousin cousins ​​a chance to catch up. When the whole family is at the table together, Lexxxie and Dalton go out of their way to emphasize that Tyler may be handsome and a good match, but they won’t allow him to date and certainly not people like Jessie and Katie. A minute later, Lexxxie asks Tyler to get the dog out from under the table. Tyler goes downstairs and finds the pussies of two passing cousins ​​open and waiting for his attention. He just dives in, burying his face in Jessie’s snatch. Jessie pretends the dog is still there, so she has an excuse to briefly deep throat Tyler’s stiffness. Then Katie takes a turn with the same excuse. Around the same time, Tyler, Katie, and Jessie decide to go find the dog that neither of them seems to find under the table and excuse themselves as a group.

As soon as they get to the bedroom, the group goes into a threesome. Jessie rides Tyler’s stiffness for the first time, while Katie rides her mouth. Then Katie gets her pussy pounded as Tyler pushes her behind her. Jessie licks and sucks the meat of Tyler’s man while waiting for her turn, and when it comes it’s hers with her on her hands and knees enjoying Tyler’s cock from behind. She muffles her moans into Jessie’s greedy pussy as she eats her step-cousin. Katie glides forward and lifts her leg to welcome Tyler inside. She accepts the invitation to fill her passing cousin with one last climax before filling her with a creampie. Everyone is enjoying the afterglow when Tyler’s parents walk in and freak out.

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