My Step Sisters Best Friend Lost A Bet – Chanel Shortcake & Megan Holly – FULL VIDEO



Chanel Shortcake is in a real pickle. Her best friend Megan Holly lost a bet and is now supposed to fuck Chanel’s stepbrother Jay. Chanel doesn’t want Jay to cash the bet because she’s secretly in love with her friend Megan. Unfortunately for Chanel, Megan was waiting for her chance to get along with Jay so she willingly accompanies Jay to her room. Megan just put Jay’s cock in her mouth to start sucking it when Chanel barges in on them and makes them understand that she isn’t leaving. Chanel finally confesses that she has loved Megan for a very long time and it’s really hard for her to watch Megan fuck her stepbrother for her. The obvious solution for Megan and Jay is for Chanel to join a threesome. Eventually, Megan agrees when they all swear to keep it a secret.

Jay suggests that the girls get naked, and they agree although Chanel is a little shy about it. Megan leads the way for Chanel by kissing her on the bed while Jay watches. Eventually, Megan falls onto her back with Chanel happily settled between her thighs eating her. On the back, Megan can suck Jay too. She gradually encourages Chanel to take her stepbrother’s cock for a test drive. Soon Jay is on the bed with the two girls lapping on his fuck stick.

Megan wants Chanel to enjoy every moment of their threesome, so she gives her friend the first ride on Jay’s cock. Doing all she can to double the pleasure of Chanel, Megan rubs and licks her friends’ boobs while Chanel shakes her hips for a slow, steady steep run. The girls swap places so Megan can sample the products, but soon Chanel is pushing her stepbrother’s cock up to test Jay in reverse cowgirl while Megan spreads her cheeks, spanks him and gives him strokes. quick tongues on the anus. Once again, the girls identify with each other so that Megan can enjoy the same treatment. When they finally switch to a full-fledged threesome, it’s with Megan on her back as Chanel rides her face and Jay pounds her pussy. Next, Chanel gets her pussy pounded on her stomach while Megan sits in front of her face with her legs spread to be eaten. The girls swap again so Megan can enjoy Jay’s cock while she’s lying on her stomach, but since Jay is about to finish he wants to step into his half-century. He pulls Chanel close to him and gives her a big creampie for Megan to clean her friend’s pussy.

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