Naked Girls Gift Of Love – Sarah Cute & Sharon White – FULL VIDEO



Murgur is lucky to have not one, but two hot girls eager to please him and to please himself. Sharan White and Sarah Cute are so happy to be part of a thruple. When Murgur gives every girl a beautiful set of lingerie, they can’t wait to try it on. Looking good and fuckable, they return to the living room dressed in bras and thongs. They put on quite a show for Murgur, feeling each other for his pleasure and theirs before joining him on the couch.

Flanking Murgur on either side, the girls relieve him of his pants, his erection comes free and the girls don’t hesitate to start stroking him. Sarah is the first to put her head down and start sucking Murgur’s cock. Sharon is right behind Sarah, eagerly taking her turn at a blowjob as Sarah continues to lick the shaft and suck on the balls.

Although Murgur really enjoys looking at the girls in the lingerie he bought them, he likes them naked even better. He takes his time lapping Sharon’s hard nipples alongside Sarah. Then Sarah takes her turn in the middle so Murgur and Sharon can help her remove her bra. When the girls are on their thongs, Sharon climbs on Sarah to create a pussy sandwich for Murgur to discover and enjoy.

As Murgur rides Sharon’s pussy, Sharon sucks on Sarah’s firm breasts and hard nipples. Finally, Sarah pulls back so Sharon can feast on her greedy pussy while Murgur continues his oral explorations. When Murgur sits up, he guides his hardon into Sharon’s juicy fuck hole and rams his balls deep into that soft glove.

When Murgur sits on the couch, Sarah finally has her turn to enjoy the cock. She slides easily with her dripping pussy enveloping Murgur’s fuck stick. Sharon comes closer so that Sarah can kiss him deeply while stroking her breasts. Then Sharon leans back, allowing Sarah to lick and finger her pussy.

Sharon enjoys another round of pussy pounding as she lies down on her back with Murgur buried between her thighs. Sarah does all she can to double Sharon’s pleasure, placing kisses on her lips and breasts and running her tongue over Sharon’s nipples. Eventually Sarah climbs onto Sharon’s face to enjoy a ride on Sharon’s tongue as Murgur continues to dive deep.

Sharon’s tongue leaves Sarah nice and wet for Murgur as he takes his seat on the couch and pulls Sarah on his cock. This time Sarah is riding a reverse cowgirl. She bounces with Sharon’s tongue teasing her hard nipples and Sharon’s fingers teasing her clit.

When Sarah has exploded with orgasmic bliss, Sharon climbs onto Murgur’s wand and rides him until he fills her with a creampie. Sarah doesn’t want to waste a single drop of this salty treat. She licks the semen from Sharon’s pussy then laps the puddle on Murgur’s pool where he is released.

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