Not Like Other Stepsisters – Emily Mayers – FULL VIDEO



Emily Mayers loves living with her new stepbrother Don Diego. She also likes to wear nothing or super seductive clothes, whatever it takes to get something from Don. Busty European babe wakes up from sleep naked preparing breakfast for Don in the Buff. She brings his breakfast to bed and then waits for him to find out that she is not wearing anything. Emily later makes a point of tidying up and wears a barely-there shirt and thong. Even later, Emily plays a game with Don wearing a shirt that can’t even cover her tits. When she loses, she pretends to think they were playing cards for clothes. Desperate to get Don to take her with him, Emily waits naked for him in the shower and then surprises him with her breasts pressed against the glass.

When Don runs away from her shower stunt, Emily follows him into the bedroom. She tells him to stop running as she can see his cock is ready for her. She crawls into bed with him, tosses the covers aside and pulls Don’s cock to her so that she can act out all her fantasies about licking and sucking. Her mouth is the perfect amount of pressure, which makes Don rock hard and clearly ready to fuck. When Emily takes it one step further by twisting around her stepbrother’s hips and spreading them so she can sink on him and ride him in reverse cowgirl, Don doesn’t even try to protest.

Now that Emily has her stepbrother’s cock exactly where she wants it, she won’t settle for a single position. She turns to give it to Don in Cowgirl. Don even gets the chance to put his hands on his stepsister’s lush ashes and squeeze to his heart’s content. Emily falls on her side and lifts one leg so Don can spoon behind her and re-enter her greedy cunt. That paves the way for Emily to get on her knees to pound a pussy doggystyle. When Emily finds herself on her back with her stepbrother on her knees over her cock-loving cunt, she asks him to come inside. Don delivers and gives Emily the cumshot she craves so she can dip her fingers in her pussy and get out a salty treat to lick right away.

Model: Emily Mayers

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