October 2021 Flavor Of The Month – Skye Blue – FULL VIDEO



Skye Blue has taken a job as a bartender for Oktoberfest. With her big tits, she looks hot as hell in the required costume. There is only one problem: she has to practice all the different aspects of being a bartender in such a pressurized environment. She does her best when her stepbrother Codey Steele walks into the kitchen and asks what she’s doing. Skye now knows just about everything, except pushing the filled glasses. She asks Codey for help, and Codey sees the perfect opportunity to mess with his stepsister. He points out that Skye will be used to working in a noisy environment with lots and lots of distractions and then offers to train for that too.

Cody’s initial distractions are innocent enough, but it doesn’t take long before he walks behind her and pulls her breasts off her shirt. Skye tries to ask what Codey is doing, but he tells her to keep working on moving the mug. He waits a minute, then gets on his knees and folds up Skye’s miniskirt and aside her thong to finger her so she can cope with the distraction. When Skye accepts that, Codey stands up abruptly and shoves his Hardon into her sweet pussy. Skye tries to practice for her job, but with her stepbrother’s lovely cock filling her pussy, she’s way too distracted to continue without blowing off some steam first.

Skye crouches on her high heels and licks her own juices off the D. She keeps sucking that cock in a sloppy BJ and then braces her beautiful breasts for a titty fuck. They pull up on the couch so they can really get on with each other, starting with Skye riding Codey’s fuck stick in reverse cowgirl. She turns around and leans forward, creating a hot angle of penetration that gets her engine running properly. As Skye rolls onto her back, she throws her head back and asks Codey to walk into town on her cum hungry cunt. He delivers, gives Skye one final climax, then goes deep to deliver a creampie of his own special brew.

Model: Skye Blue

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