Playing House With My Step Sister – Riley Reid – FULL VIDEO



Riley Reid wants to practice being a homemaker, and who better to use as a practice partner than her stepbrother, Tony. Riley has had a crush on Tony for a while. What Tony doesn’t understand is that Riley doesn’t want to do housework or play games; she wants to fuck him! She lets Tony’s guard down by agreeing sweetly to bring him some coffee. She then she sits on Tony’s lap, smiling and telling him that’s what her mom and her dad do. When Riley feels how hard she is putting her little brother on hers, she rises from her lap and kneels down so she can take her erection in her mouth.

Now that Tony understands Riley’s game, she finally stops protesting and allows herself to be convinced to move into the bedroom. There, she enjoys her sister showing her nice little tits for him to caress and squeeze. After another hot blooded BJ, Riley plunges her hairy hole into Tony’s cock for a hot ride. She turns around, giving Tony a view of her big ass as she gives it to him in reverse cowgirl.

Rolling over hers and her hands and knees with Tony kneeling behind her, Riley tilts his head down and lifts her ass up for her brother to fuck her doggy style. She finishes the romp on her back with her knees pulled up to her shoulders to give Tony room to pound her pussy. When Riley is finally satisfied, like a good housewife, she sucks her partner until he goes crazy in her mouth to give her a nice but messy treat to lick.

Model: Riley Reid

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