Giving My Step Sister The Finger Pornhjb – Paris White – FULL VIDEO



Paris White and her stepbrother Zach Wild don’t get along particularly well. They argue about everything! When they are together in the kitchen looking for a sandwich, they fight over the last banana. Zach thinks he has it, but furious, Paris breaks it before leaving with double deuces. Later, they hit the couch at the same time, sparking a race for the remote control and more colorful insults.

Later, when Zach walks into Paris doing yoga, he sees that he has a big hole in his leggings. Zach points out that he can see Paris’s meaty pussy, and she responds by teasing him. They go back to the middle finger parade, and as Paris waits to get her stepbrother out of her, she manages to land on her outstretched finger. She is shocked at first, but then decides that if Zach is good at one thing, he is finger fucking the greedy snatch of him. Zach is a game, so it’s not long before Paris is kneading her tits and moaning with pleasure. She’s unwilling to leave her stepbrother wanting after that pleasant climax, so she pushes him back and rips his pants off to reveal a huge boner. Getting back to her feet, she turns around and slides down to mount the D.

Turning around as she strips off most of her clothes, Paris remounts Zach in cowgirl. She chills him off for a hot minute as he kneels down and gobbles that cock in a sloppy blowjob. So Paris gets on the couch so Zach can give it to her as a puppy. Her moans guide Zach’s thrusts as he gives her the loudest, fastest pussy strokes she craves. When Paris turns on her back and spreads her thighs wide, Zach slides back home to take the horny stepsister out of her one last time. He then retreats to pop his shot all over Paris’s bald muff. Paris licks her fingers to clean Zach’s impressive load and then instantly flips him back to tease him one more time.

Model: Paris White

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