Pornhu Foreign Affairs – Aila Donovan – FULL VIDEO



Brenda (Aila Donovan), a flight attendant, wears her full uniform while packing her suitcase. But when she has finished packing and is about to leave, she looks at a ring holder sitting on her dresser. She opens the ring holder and reveals several men’s wedding rings that shine in the light. She runs her fingers over the ribbons as she admires them and smiles coldly to herself before snapping the lid shut.

It’s time to get to work.

After arriving in a new town, Brenda makes her way to a coffee shop. Once inside, she surveys the room … until her gaze falls on a lonely man sitting nearby, Harry (Jay Smooth). When she discovers a wedding ring, she eyes it from afar as if assessing it before deciding to move it … It is EXACTLY what she is looking for.

She approaches Harry and asks him to sit down with him, which he politely accepts. Their conversation is nice and friendly when she announces she’s new in town and searches for recommendations, though it doesn’t take long for Brenda to start flirting. Harry tries his best to ignore their advances and let them know that he is a happily married man. Brenda pretends not to have noticed the wedding ring, but then tells him that if HE is willing to overlook it, then SHE is too.

Harry is shocked, but the more Brenda gets on him, the more tempted he is. After all, not every day a beautiful stranger pounces on him. But he doesn’t know, when his defenses finally collapse and he gives in to temptation, he runs straight into Brenda’s trap.

Model: Aila Donovan

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