Porzo One Last Time – Ashley Lane – FULL VIDEO



Seth Gamble has come to the conclusion that he must break up with his girlfriend. Ashley Lane knows Seth is coming, so she dolls herself up and licks herself for him. When Seth arrives and sits Ashley down for The Talk, Ashley does her best to be understanding but is really, really upset. She suggests it might get better if they get together one last time.

Seth reluctantly agrees, so Ashley leads him into the bedroom. Then she’ll slip into something more comfortable and definitely sexier. Body dressed in elegant lingerie that hugs her curves, Ashley walks into the bedroom and joins Seth on the bed. They share a few kisses, but it doesn’t take long before Ashley starts kissing Seth’s body.

Finding Seth nice and hard for her, she opens her mouth wide so that she can slide the flat of her tongue over his erection. Lapping like a cat with cream, Ashley memorizes every inch of Seth’s cock. Her hands join in the exploration, as does her warm, wet mouth.

When Ashley finally lays down and lets Seth indulge in the charms of her body, he does so with the same nostalgic care Ashley took. He samples her hard nipples and the hard bud of her clit. Pulling her panties aside, Seth dives deep with his tongue into the heart of Ashley’s passion. When he knows she’s nice and ready for him, he puts her on all fours so he can finally relieve her of her underwear.

Since Ashley is already on her knees, it’s a simple thing for Seth to come up behind her and push himself home. Ashley’s moan is long and loud as Seth gives her the deep punches he knows she loves. Grabbing Ashley’s arms, Seth pulls her back so her back comes closer to his chest, changing the angle of penetration for even deeper pleasure.

Rolling onto her back, Ashley pulled back wide open to invite Seth in. He takes it over, holding one of Ashley’s legs back to dive really deep. Sliding her hand down, Ashley rubs her own clit as Seth walks into town, making sure his pleasure runs deep.

As their time together comes to an end, Ashley pushes Seth onto his back and climbs on top of him. Her weight is incredibly familiar as she digs into Seth’s cock and leans forward so her breasts brush his face as she rides him. Turning around, Ashley enjoys the last part of her reverse cowgirl pleasure. On the way down, Ashley sucks and strokes Seth until the climax of their relationship.

Model: Ashley Lane

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