Sex Freak Step Sister – Skylar Vox – FULL VIDEO



Skylar Vox is a little fireball, but her attitude backfired when her boyfriend just dumped her. She doesn’t feel very good about herself, so she decides to introduce herself so that her stepbrother Tony validates her. She needs to feel sexy and her ex is stupid for letting her go. Tony isn’t great in Skylar’s plan as he tells her to leave him alone so he can relax. Skylar is pissed off, but has more tricks up her sleeve.

Skylar waits for Tony to take a nap, then calls him to his room. He finds her almost naked, with her huge breasts to show him since she wears nothing but a thong. Skylar insists Tony tell her she’s hot. When Tony still doesn’t want to obey, Skylar puts his hand on her breasts. She sees that he has an erection now, which is all the confirmation she needed. Now that Tony is kind and hard on her, Skylar thinks she can scratch her own itch with his help. When Tony is still reluctant, Skylar pulls out his gourd and starts sucking. Leaning back, she even gives him a titty fuck between those jugs.

Tony is finally ready to give it to his half-century, so Skylar gets on all fours so he can do it from behind. Her moans are loud as she gets her pussy hammered hard, but they only get louder as she rolls onto her back and encourages Tony to get back into her trimmed pussy. This position allows Tony to fill his hands with Skylar’s soft breasts as he fucks her. The only thing better is when she jumps on his cock to ride him both cowgirl and upside down so he can admire the way that tits and ass jiggle. As Skylar finally feels satisfied with her own appearance, she gets back to work sucking on Tony’s man meat until he rewards her with a mouthful of hot cum.

Model: Skylar Vox

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